Shrubs Vs Bushes

A bush or a shrub is a medium-sized to small woody perennial plant that grows well in soil. Unlike many shrubs,bushes do not have long,trailing woody roots over the ground. Instead,bushes are generally characterized by short,upright branches. The leaves of a bush are often pointed,and some forms of bushes can reach a height of four feet,although many of these bushes are short lived,as they grow so quickly that they are unable to replace themselves once they have been cut down. The flowers of the bush resemble roses but grow very large,reaching heights of two feet or more. The leaves of a bush are usually dark green with small white stripes. Most bushes have very short blooming seasons.

Shrubs,on the other hand,are a large,annual perennial that is native to Europe. Shrubs are distinguished by their upright growth and short height. Unlike bushes,shrubs tend to have no branches over the ground,and their roots are located underground. Some types of shrubs are even self-limiting,which means that they do not need other plants for protection from frost. Shrubs are characterized by multiple,narrow leaves that are opposite in shape to each other. Shrubs are usually evergreen,but some,such as deciduous or coniferous shrubs,are decidous only during the winter.

Whether you choose shrubs or bushes for your garden’s health and beauty depends upon what kind of plants you want in your garden,how big it is,and how much maintenance you’re willing to spend to keep it healthy. However,bushes are great for covering large areas,because they will spread to other areas easily,unlike shrubs that take time to spread between soil compartments. A bush,however,tends to be slower growing than a shrub,which makes it difficult to take care of in some cases.

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