What is Coworking and What Makes it a Popular among Modern Workers

If you are an urban entrepreneur,freelancer,or just about anyone in the corporate world,you might have stumbled upon the concept of coworking. You may have heard or read about how it offers better flexibility than traditional office settings. Here is a quick guide to coworking and the reasons more and more modern workers are taking this option.


The term “coworking” is not new at all. In fact,it was first used in 1995 by Bernard DeKoven,who defined it as “working together as equals.” Entrepreneur Brad Neuberg created one of the first coworking spaces in 2005,which is known as the San Francisco Coworking Space. Since then,the concept of shared workspaces started to become a global movement. Business districts in key cities around the world have witnessed the rise and growth of coworking spaces.


Coworking spaces became a more convenient option for people who would normally work in a local coffee shop or home office. These include freelancers,entrepreneurs,startup groups,and small business teams. Spaces are typically available in affordable prices and flexible membership rates,making them a smarter option than traditional long-term office space leases.

Coworking offices offer different features as well. Usual amenities include hot desks,WiFi,printer,coffee station,and kitchen. Most offices also have private conference rooms for meetings.

Forming Communities

Other than the low cost and the available amenities,coworking spaces serve as hubs for professionals to interact and collaborate to become more productive. More than the option of sharing a working space and the related costs,it opens opportunities to belong to a community of dynamic and like-minded people.

Coworking spaces providers such as The Garage Society,have seen a rise in the demand for these flexible working environments. And it is not surprising at all. With more and more people looking for convenient and comfortable workspaces,coworking areas are becoming smarter options in this busy world.

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